Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …
Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …

Patron The Mayor of Bath

Inspiring children through music 

Voices for Life is a charity to help inspire children to be happy and confident through the provision of high-quality singing, confidence and wellbeing projects for primary schools during which children develop musical skills, experience musical expression and have fun singing together.

Children learn and perform Voices for Life choral works based on newly created stories.  Workshops integrate rehearsals with confidence and wellbeing activities, taking the children into their imaginations through the music.

Upcoming Event…

Come and hear 200 children perform Stardust and the premiere of We are Every Child! Buy your tickets from Bath Box Office. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards Voices for Life projects.

Coming soon…

We are Every Child by Francis Faux and Jamila Gavin Single Release and Project Launch 

John Rutter, Voices for Life Charity Launch Video

“It’s vital that we do our best to support the emotional wellbeing of our children under these challenging circumstances and I invite you all to show your support so that Voices for Life can reach and benefit as many as possible.”

Evidence shows that mental health issues are rising and wellbeing deteriorating in children and young people.

There is a need to provide support for primary school children to help build self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, and confidence to enable them to continue developing healthily in all aspects of their lives.

All children, no matter who they are or where they live, have the ability to respond to music positively, helping improve children’s mental health and wellbeing.


The children in my class came back with big grins and lots of positive energy. I'm already looking forward to the performances in October! 



Learning new songs, singing with others and performing together was a hugely positive experience for my daughter. She had so much fun, discovered a new skill and her confidence has soared.

Child, Year 6

I really like Voices for Life. The games and singing are fun. Sometimes I can be worried and then I remember Voices for Life and that I can overcome my fear and sadness. The workshops are making me so much better at singing and I am looking forward to the performance.

All Coronavirus guidance and advice will be followed in the creation of Voices for Life programmes.