Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …
Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …

We use the power of music to help all children have the confidence to show their communities how special they really are in a way that makes everyone want to sing, smile and dance.   

All children can make music to promote wellbeing.

Let’s Go!

In celebration of the Paris Olympics, Voices for Life has launched an initiative for children to showcase their musical skills and send a goodwill message to Team GB for the Paris Olympics.

Involve your school

Voices for Life is committed to creatively encouraging the voices of all children through high quality music, coaching and wellbeing projects.

Join Voices for Life’s Bath Children’s Choir

Our Bath Children’s Choir is open to all primary school children aged 6-11 years with fun rehearsals and exciting performance opportunities! 

All children can make music to build communities.

Hear the children

Voices for Life’s projects culminate with a performance to parents, carers and the wider community with professional musicians.

Our next massed performance takes place in Wiltshire Music Centre.

Become a Voices for Life supporter

“There is nothing more powerful than singing.”

Watch Carrie and David Grant of Fame Academy, Pop Idol, the One Show and the children’s television series Carrie and David’s Popshop to find out why they invite you to support Voices for Life.

Why we are doing what we are doing.

Evidence shows that children’s emotional development has suffered as a result of the pandemic. 

Music can have a positive impact on all children’s wellbeing and mental health including their cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functioning.

There is an uncoordinated approach to music education across socio-economic divides resulting in major gaps in provision.

Tom Brewer, Headteacher, Winsley Primary School

It was a wonderful experience for the children and one where we were all so proud of them especially seeing how far they travelled on their musical journey over the last 12 weeks.  Thank you to you and your team for your efforts and perseverance.


My daughter had a wonderful time; she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It has increased her confidence and made her keen to sing even more.

Child, Year 6

I really like Voices for Life. The games and singing are fun. Sometimes I can be worried and then I remember Voices for Life and that I can overcome my fear and sadness. The workshops are making me so much better at singing and I am looking forward to the performance.

Voices for Life are pleased to be awarded funding from Postcode Local Trust. Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

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