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The Benefits of Voices for Life

The Voices for Life Stardust 2021 Project Impact

89% of the children showed an increase in confidence at the end of the Stardust 2021 project.

82% of the children showed improved self-esteem and confidence in performing in front of others.

66% of the children showed impr­oved self-esteem and confidence in interacting with peers.


The sessions let us take our minds off things and let us know what we are capable of. The lyrics and words were meaningful and one of the best things was performing in Bath Abbey.

86% of the children showed increased enjoyment in singing, increased interest in music and improved musical skill.


The children loved being able to sing together and the quality of teaching meant that they felt very confident to sing some challenging music. This will encourage them to have a go when things are challenging in other areas of their life.

The Benefits of Voices for Life 

Value – Enhancing a child’s education and behaviour through the development of skills such as creativity, teamwork, coordination, problem solving, communication, language development, memorising, ability to learn, listening, concentration and emotional awareness.

Opportunity  – Increasing happiness and motivation by providing a safe and caring environment for each child to participate in a musical goal and work towards a final group performance to provide a sense of achievement and rewarding outcome.

Involve – Enhancing social skills: all children can take part, no matter who they are or where they live. Friendships will be created within school communities as well as with the wider community and other schools.

Confidence – Improved self-esteem by providing a safe environment for children to explore themselves, their thoughts and their feelings through music, helping them to understand how they can use music to cope with difficult feelings in a healthy manner and develop a positive outlook about themselves and their capabilities.

Enjoyment- Inspiring children to be happy and confident by providing the opportunity for them to enjoy themselves as all children have the ability to respond to music positively.

Singing- Music and coaching have the power to enrich the lives of children helping them to develop in all areas of their life, enhancing emotional wellbeing, self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

Throughout time, in every known culture around the world, people have made music. As a means of expression and communication it is universal, transcending language, time and cultural barriers to unite people and communities. It triggers memories, enhances mood and has the power to excite or inspire the full range of human emotion. It is difficult to think of a celebration, occasion or significant event in which music doesn’t play a role. Today, music is all around us. Whether we are shopping at the supermarket, having a meal in a restaurant, listening to our car radios or downloading the latest track, there are few areas of our lives in which music doesn’t feature.