Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …
Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …

Environmental responsibility

We believe in ensuring and promoting environmental responsibility and seek advice from CEOs in the energy industry.

Our actions

  • Our main consideration is school workshop travel. We reduce our carbon
    footprint with careful timetable planning to ensure minimum traveling distance. The freelancers car share and the Executive Director drives an electric car, charged through solar energy when possible – this has halved project carbon emissions. One of our workshop leads uses an electric bike.
  • We review our use of print after every project and ensure we only print what is necessary to avoid excess waste eg. programmes. Any resources left over are used for future projects or recycled responsibly
  • We have implemented online resources through the provision of lyrics, scores and backing tracks to save printing. Creative leaders use electronic scores during workshops and rehearsals.
  • E-tickets were used for performances and the workforce recycle left over ink cartridges and paper.
  • Screens are used for reviewing meeting documents and all correspondence is sent electronically.
  • The operational and management team work from home and use local businesses for printing and resources to offset carbon emissions.
  • We also use an electronic filing system accessible to the team and online meetings.

Our aims and commitment

  • We will develop an Environmental policy and means for tracking progress.
  • We will sign the Third Sector Climate Change Declaration.
  • We will continue to collect data to assess carbon footprint for each project and will compare the data to assess which projects are more environmentally friendly and the reasons for this. We will use this data to measure change and guide us towards focus areas, providing further consideration when choosing schools to engage.
  • We will strive to decrease our carbon footprint within each project by 5%, although travel in rural areas may need further consideration.
  • We plan to develop an environmentally friendly model for travel between schools and performances. We will start combining Stardust projects and performances to minimise travel and resources required.
  • Our training and recruitment plan to use freelancers from the local area of each project will reduce travel and carbon emissions.
  • We will continue to reduce the amount of printing through providing online school resources and will implement environmentally friendly alternatives to existing practices, e.g. digital programmes.
  • We will look to obtaining Environmental Accreditation (British Standard 8555).
    This will assist us in phasing in environmentally friendly practises.
  • We will have ‘Green Champions’ who encourage environmental responsibility
    across the charity. The Executive Director is currently leading on this and has
    completed two courses with Future Learn: Teaching Climate and Sustainability
    in Primary Schools and Leading Sustainable Communities and Organisations.
    We will also have a trustee lead.
  • Our global project replicating the Stardust model will include sustainability
    themes and open dialogue and education between the workshop leaders and
    children on the subject as we create innovate leaders for the future through
    Community-led development.


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