Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …
Inspiring children to be
happy and confident
through music …

New album release: Extraordinary!

Available 9th February 2024

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“It really is extraordinary to see the impact that Voices for Life has on the lives of young people, It is not just about singing. It is about the way that singing is learned and the meaning behind the words that creates such confidence and sense of self.” 

The Marchioness Of Lansdowne, January 2024

This is a very different album. It is not perfect. And deliberately so. It is a celebration of the collective individual. 

These are not children who sing or rehearse in choirs. These are children who are  experiencing the power of their voice for the first time and how it sounds and feels to sing alongside others. In doing so, they are growing in confidence, learning about life and understanding the joy that music brings to them and others, and the community it creates.

About Voices for Life

Voices for Life believes in a world where all children can make music to promote wellbeing and build sustainable communities. The charity creatively encourages the voices of all children by uniquely integrating singing and wellbeing activities as a means of developing confidence, skills, and capabilities. We get children singing in groups of 10 to 450 through the delivery of high-quality music, coaching and wellbeing projects and community choirs. Focused on primary school children in the UK, Voices for Life uses these unique music initiatives to bridge the gap between urban, rural, and underserved communities.

The Album

Extraordinary! Album digital booklet

The album shares how the power of music can make everyone want to sing, smile, and dance. 100 children from 9 local schools in Bath & Northeast Somerset and Wiltshire use their voices to support one another and make music. The making of the album encouraged a focus on the importance of getting active, friendship, confidence, the power of imagination, collaboration, and celebration. 

Tessa Armstrong, Executive Director, Voices for Life

Extraordinary! celebrates the magic minds of our children. The 6 songs are a varied and light-hearted collection which are fun to sing.  Tangos, waltzes, rap, anthems, calypsos, transport the singers to the worlds of fairy tales, drama, adventure, sport, and fantasy.  Their main purpose is to explore, enjoy, and light up each child’s unique imagination; precious to them and of immeasurable value to us all. Faced with the dizzy onrush of a rapidly changing world, they will find trust in their own adaptability, creativity, and curiosity invaluable. 

Sue Curtis, Lyricist

Music & Official Lyric Videos


Fairy Tale 


Pet and Me 

 Let’s Go


Children, Community and Collaboration

Our lyric videos include Makaton, a communication tool that uses symbols and signs to support children to communicate.

With thanks to the support of Norland College.

100 children from 9 local schools took part in the recording, most of whom have not sung in a choir before.

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