Voices for Life “Sing to be Happy and Sing to be Strong”

Whole Day Singing and Coaching Workshop

The Voices for Life Wellbeing Song presented through interactive 1-day Wellbeing Workshops to help children understand how we can grow strong through tough times and help each other.

The Voices for Life Wellbeing song was composed for the charity in January 2021 by Jools Scott and Sue Curtis.  A Voices for Life virtual children’s choir was created with children from different schools in Bath and Wiltshire to record the song from their own homes and it was premiered in a launch video for the charity released on Thursday 4th February 2021 in support of Children’s Mental Health Week

 The song is based on the Voices for Life vision for every child, no matter who they are or where they live, to have the opportunity to have fun singing together, experiencing emotional expression through music and helping them to be happy, build confidence and develop in all aspects of their lives, musically and beyond.  Through our 1-day workshop we want to help children to understand how they can use music to cope with difficult feelings in a healthy manner and how they can develop positive relationships through music, developing a positive outlook about themselves and their capabilities.

 The programme will be delivered through 30–45-minute workshops for each school class/year group over one day.  Within the workshops, the children will be taught the Voices for Life Wellbeing Song within the structure of a coaching process.  At the end of the day, the school can come together virtually or in person and perform the song and Voices for Life will give a short presentation. 

These workshops will follow the Voices for Life outcomes, enhancing children’s confidence and emotional wellbeing as they have fun singing together. 

This is a specialised singing and confidence coaching workshop for primary schools specifically designed by to enhance primary school PSHE Education through the power of music and singing.  Click here to discover more about how the integration of Singing and Confidence Coaching works in the Voices for Life workshops.

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