How We Work

 We enable primary school children to learn and develop confidently through confidence coaching and singing as they discover and explore opportunities to be the best they can be.  

Primary school children have a lot to think about, understand and remember and coping with certain aspects of school life can be hard, making them feel anxious and uncertain.  Evidence shows that mental health issues are rising and wellbeing deteriorating in children and young people.  We already know that 1 in 6 young people are experiencing mental health difficulties.   This means there may be as many as 5 children in every school class suffering. It has also recently been revealed that half a million more children are now suffering problems as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Voices for Life wants to help children to express themselves and show the world who they are and what they can achieve through music and singing.


Voices for life offers specialised singing and confidence coaching programmes for primary schools specifically designed to enhance primary school PSHE Education through the power of music and singing.  The aim of the programmes is to help provide primary school children with the skills to cope with all aspects of life during the pandemic and beyond through the enjoyment of singing together.

The programmes will be delivered in primary schools through a series of integrated singing and coaching workshops, culminating in a celebratory performance.  By uniquely integrating a singing programme with confidence coaching workshops, a powerful interplay of techniques creatively enables the children to understand how their thoughts determine their feelings and behaviour, and ultimately develop belief and confidence in their abilities.


The coaching element is based on goal setting and confidence coaching models.  Within each programme, coaching will be used as a powerful, yet safe, relationship where the children are supported to achieve a goal together (performance of a song or series of songs) and, as they work together through the workshops to achieve that goal, they will explore who they are, what they can do, develop an understanding of how thoughts and feelings affect their actions, understand how to cope with difficult feelings in a healthy manner and how to maintain good wellbeing.  Through music, the programme will enable children to learn and develop confidently as they discover how they can fulfil their potential.

Music has the power to enrich the lives of children helping them to develop in all areas of their life, having a positive impact on their mental health, wellbeing, and education.