Voices for Life Mission to the Moon Primary Singing and Coaching Programme

A creative song cycle taking children on a wellbeing space mission to equip them with the skills and knowledge to be happy and confident following the impact of the pandemic.  This programme is to be delivered in school or through an extra-curricular music and wellbeing club.

The Mission to the Moon is a cycle of 5 songs, providing children with the opportunity of singing in a choir and performing a newly commissioned Voices for Life song cycle written by librettist, Sue Curtis, and composer, Jools Scott.

The children will become astronauts on an imaginary space mission to be the first children to perform a cycle of songs on the moon.

The programme is structured within 6 sections, delivered through 6 workshops within school or 7 work shops in an extra-curricular music and wellbeing club, taking the children through a goal setting coaching process covering the Voices for Life outcome areas. It culminates with an additional 30 min celebratory performance of the song cycle enhanced by a short presentation from detailing the work of Voices for Life.  

This is a specialised singing and confidence coaching programme for primary schools specifically designed to enhance primary school PSHE Education through the power of music and singing.  The aim of the programme is to help provide primary school children with the skills to cope with all aspects of life during the pandemic and beyond through the enjoyment of singing together. Click here to discover more about how the integration of Singing and Confidence Coaching works in the Voices for Life workshops.

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