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Stardust: The Voices for Life Oratorio Singing and Wellbeing Project

  A Voices for Life post lockdown singing and wellbeing project helping improve the self-esteem and confidence of primary school children by providing them with the opportunity of singing in a choir.

As a response to the pandemic, Voices for Life commissioned this unique choral work which is written by Jools Scott and Sue Curtis.  The project and music show how children can build on adversity and come out stronger.

In Stardust, the children join our six characters as they travel through the solar system. Their journey is like the one experienced by children in the pandemic as they land on different planets and face new challenges to overcome. Just as our children have adapted to the pandemic so do the characters in the story eventually reaching their destination, Planet Zarg. 

On reaching Planet Zarg, the children have learned how to overcome the challenges, becoming stronger and more resilient. Together they have supported each other on a journey through space like no other.

During the Stardust workshops, we use the story to talk about the challenges we have all faced and through games, exercises, and singing rehearsals build each other’s confidence ready to deliver fantastic performances accompanied by professional orchestra; an exciting opportunity for participating children to experience the joys of live performance at its best. This helps to give the children a renewed sense of confidence in themselves as well as giving them an experience that will live with them forever.

The first project took place place with children from a selection of primary schools in the Bath and Wiltshire area with Tessa Armstrong and Shean Bowers. There were two exciting performances of the Oratorio in Bath Abbey on 14th and 15th October 2021 performed by a choir of 250 children and directed by Shean Bowers. The choir was accompanied by Bristol Ensemble and the Oratorio narrated by established actor, writer and presenter, Jon Monie.

We hope to expand the project across the country to reach out to and help many children in the UK. 

To find out more please email Tessa Armstrong at

Paul Roper, The Roper Family Charitable Trust, kind sponsors of the Stardust Composition, October 2021

We really enjoyed the concert. We were so impressed how the children sang without any reference to the words. They clearly had a great time. The musical arrangement was also excellent – first class. We were delighted to have been able to support this event. To see the children take part in such a wonderful concert in such a great venue must have been a real treat for them. Well done on a great job!

Child, Year 5, September 2021

I really like it and I am looking forward to the performance in the Abbey.  I like the games and the story because they give the songs meaning.  I like the crab song and I land on the angry planet a lot!   It gives a meaning to the feelings that people have. When I am angry, I land on the angry planet in my head and imagine it. I think of one of the songs to help me get off the planet.

Jayne Rochford -Smith, Headteacher, St Andrew's Church School, Bath, October 2021

“The children have loved it! It has been wonderful to watch them develop over the sessions and the joy in performing at the Abbey and pushing themselves through the nerves! 

The parents have been so proud of the children, and this was reflected in how many came along to watch.  Thank you to Voices for Life for the vision and creativity to make this happen.”

Jayne Rochford -Smith, Headteacher, St Andrew’s Church School, Bath