Voices for Life Summer School

Voices for Life run music and wellbeing summer schools for children aged 6-11. 

The children become astronauts on an imaginary space mission to be the first children to sing on the moon.  The Voices for Life ‘Mission to the Moon‘ song cycle will take them on an exciting adventure through interactive music and confidence coaching workshops. They will develop their musical skills, experience emotional expression through music and ultimately have fun singing and making music together; building their wellbeing and confidence.  At the end of the week, the children will showcase their new skills in a concert performance of the ‘Mission to the Moon‘ song cycle for parents, families and friends. It is an exciting week full of fun, laughter and musical wellbeing!

Shean Bowers

Throughout time, in every known culture around the world, people have made music. As a means of expression and communication it is universal, transcending language, time and cultural barriers to unite people and communities. It triggers memories, enhances mood and has the power to excite or inspire the full range of human emotion. It is difficult to think of a celebration, occasion or significant event in which music doesn’t play a role. Today, music is all around us. Whether we are shopping at the supermarket, having a meal in a restaurant, listening to our car radios or downloading the latest track, there are few areas of our lives in which music doesn’t feature.